Friday, October 21, 2011

What should I name my blog?

Naming your blog is a very important step indeed. Yes, you may think that you can just give your blog any fancy name and you're ready. No, that is absolutely wrong.
The first mistake that people make is creating a really long name. By this, I mean that even a 4 letter name is too long already.
Research has shown that an average person would tend to remember only 3 things at most. Too long names also makes typing your blog's URL very troublesome. Hence, try to stick to names which are short and sweet.
Another thing to take note of is that the names should not be boastful or critical. For example, we should not name a blog "John's Awesomeness" or "John's Super Cool Blog". This just makes people think you are crazy and are not going to blog properly.
One good name for a personal blog would be something simple like "John's Diary". For other types of blogs, the creativity is with you.
Here's a simple list of guidelines you should follow:
- Your blog's name should consist of one to three letters
- Your blog's name should not be boastful

Type-specific guidelines or examples of names:

Personal Blog
- (Name)'s Diary
- (Name)
- (Name)'s Blog

How-to Blogs or Guides
* In this section I shall refer to the thing that you are writing about as 'do this'. Also note that you can exceed the 3 word limit here
- How to (do this)
- Guildlines to (doing this)
- The Simplest Guide to (doing this)
- (Adjective that describes a good outcome) (doing this) --> For example this blog's name

News Blogs
- For this type of blogs, it is truly up to you and your creativity to decide the name. It really depends on what kind of news you're going to  be blogging about.

Photography Showcase
- (Name)'s Photography
- Photographing with (Name)
- Photographing (somethings)
- (Name)'s Travels --> If you are taking photographs when travelling

Showcase of event
- (Event)

Company Blog
- (Company name)
- (Company name) Official Blog

Blog for Reviewing Products
- (Type of products)
- Other names or nicknames related to the industry

Blogs for Criticism
- Why I think (this) should change?
- Why I feel that (this scheme) is not best?
- Is (this) really the path to take?
- Should we (do this)?

DIscussion Boards
- (Topic)
- (Things related to the industry)

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